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        1. Latest News:

          Legal News


          SAMR Initiates the "Iron Fist" Program for IP Law Enforcemen... [2020-04-28]

          The State Administration for Market Regulation ("SAMR") has recently issued the Action Plan for the "Iron Fist" Program for Intellectual Property Law Enforcement for 2020 (the "Plan").

          SAC Announces 2020 Key Tasks for Professional Committees [2020-04-28]

          The Securities Association of China ("SAC") has recently issued the 2020 Key Tasks for Professional Committees (the "Key Tasks").

          Authorities Pledge Enhanced Comprehensive Regulatory Enforce... [2020-04-28]

          Eight departments including the General Office of the National Health Commission ("NHC") have recently issued the Circular on Further Strengthening Comprehensive Regulatory Enforcement in th...

          MOF Regulates Accounting of Special Maintenance Funds for Re... [2020-04-28]

          The Ministry of Finance ("MOF") has recently enacted and issued the Measures for Accounting of Special Maintenance Funds for Residential Houses (the "Measures"), with effect from January 1, ...

          MNR to Refine Administration of Mining Rights and Detail Pro... [2020-04-28]

          The Ministry of Natural Resources ("MNR") has recently prepared and issued the Circular on Matters concerning Improvement in Administration of Mining Rights (Draft for Comment) (the "Draft f...

          SZSE Invites Comments on Supporting Rules on the Registratio... [2020-04-28]

          The Shenzhen Stock Exchange ("SZSE") has recently issued the Rules for the Review of Issuance and Listing of Stocks on the ChiNext Board (Draft for Comment) and the exposure drafts of other ...

          China Legal Review 2020-04 No.113

          Editorial Notes

          A Further Discussion of the Protection of Investors' Rights and Interests under the New Securities Law
          Legal Regulation and Compliance Advice Regarding False Declaration Type of Securities Market Manipulation
          An Analysis of the Enterprise Online Rights Protection Strategy from the Perspective of Compliance
          Several Issues Requiring Attention in Annual Final Settlement of Comprehensive Income for Individual Income Tax Purposes
          Prevention and Control of Risk of Dispute over Right of Reputation between Companies and Their Employees from the Labor and Employment Perspective

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