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GAC Further Regulates Inspections of Environmental Protectio... [2019-10-29]

The General Administration of Customs ("GAC") has recently issued the Announcement [2019] No.168, deciding to further regulate inspections of environmental protection items for imported vehi...

MOHURD Regulates Its Discretion to Give Administrative Penal... [2019-10-29]

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development ("MOHURD") has recently issued the Implementing Measures for the Regulation of Discretionary Power of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-ru...

MEE Urges Better Building of Capacity to Prepare Environment... [2019-10-29]

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment ("MEE") has recently issued three supporting documents, including the Guide to Building of the Capacity to Prepare Environmental Impact Reports (State...

SAMR Desires Green Development of Express Packaging Industry [2019-10-29]

The State Administration for Market Regulation ("SAMR") has recently drafted and issued the Implementing Opinions on Initiating the Certification of Green Express Packaging Products (Draft f...

MEE Clarifies Application of New or Old Legal Provisions Reg... [2019-10-29]

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment ("MEE") has recently issued the Opinions on Issues Concerning the Application of New or Old Legal Provisions Regarding Administrative Penalties Agains...

NRTA Releases 2019-2028 Legislative Work Plan [2019-10-29]

The National Radio and Television Administration ("NRTA") has recently issued the Legislative Work Plan for Years from 2019 to 2028 (the "Plan").

China Legal Review 2019-10 No.108

Editorial Notes

Leap-forward Development of and Challenges for Chinese Enterprises’ Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions
What You Know about Guarantee and Credit Enhancement Should Be More Than the “Supplementary Provisions”
Compliance of Business Operators’ Sales Incentives
An Analysis of Employment Autonomy of Employers from a Case of Transnational Workplace Adjustment
Can Employers Claim Liquidated Damages if Employees Violate their Non-competition Obligations during Employment?

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