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        China Trade Secret Protection: Practice & Strategy / 中國商業秘密保護:實踐與戰略

        Recommended by Honorable Randall R. Rader, Chief Judge of CAFC, United States
        It is all about Secrets and Tips to protect your trade secrets as secrets
        It might have been a big myth and pain for you to protect trade secret in China, and here from this book you will get:


        Catherine Sun, managing partner, a seasoned lawyer from Foley & Lardner LLP. Ms. Sun has seventeen years’ practice in U.S., Hong Kong and Mainland China. Prior to joining Foley, she was head of the China IP of an international law firm in Shanghai.
        She works with the firm's clients on IP strategy, counseling and litigation, cross border M&A related IP, international technology transfer, licensing and portfolio management.

        Table of Contents:

        Chapter 1: Trade Secrets Defined
        Chapter 2 Employees- The Greatest Threat
        Chapter 3: Protection of Trade Secrets by Contracts
        Chapter 4 Technology Import and Export
        Chapter 5: Trade Secret Civil Litigation
        Chapter 6: Evidence
        Chapter 7: Administrative and Criminal Enforcement
        Chapter 8: Trade Secret Dispute by Arbitration
        Chapter 9: Trade Secret Protection in Different Regions
        Chapter 10: Corporate Confidentiality Program
        Appendix 1: Case Summaries
        Appendix 2: Major Laws and Regulations
        Appendix 3: Excerpts of International Treaties, Laws, Regulations and Rules
        Appendix 4: Sample Forms

        Order information:

        Price: RMB 1,500 / US $ 221
        Format: Print / Online
        Language: English
        ISBN: 978 988 8054 589
        Hotline: 86-400-600-8680
        E-mail: service.china@lexisnexis.com