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      Employment Law in New Zealand 新西蘭勞動法
      • 作者: Anderson, G; Hughes, J
      • 出版日期:2014-00-00
      • 語言:英文
      • 簡介:IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please choose your device carefully and only download your eBook to the device on which you intend to read it. eBooks cannot be moved from one device to another and are only compatible with the following software: PC Users: Adobe Digital Editions iPad or iPhone: Bluefire Reader Not compatible with Mac OS X operating systems Not compatible with M..

      • 價格:684HKD   
      Employee Compensation & Benefits Tax Guide, 員工薪酬和福利稅收指南
      • 作者: Dennis Lassila, Bob Kilpatrick
      • 出版日期:2014-00-00
      • 語言:英文
      • 簡介:The continuing legislative, administrative, and judicial activity in the compensation taxation field has increased the breadth and complexity of the field, as well as the need for awareness of the legal aspects and practical considerations. Likewise, the need for current and comprehensive guidance with respect to compensation tax rules has increased. Accordingly, this book pro..

      • 價格:2802.8HKD   
      Estate Planning Forms and Clauses 2014 Edition with Forms on Disc 遺產規劃形式和條款2014版W /表格光碟
      • 作者: Jeffrey A. Schoenblum
      • 出版日期:2014-00-00
      • 語言:英文
      • 簡介:Anderson's Estate Planning Forms and Clauses presents a comprehensive compilation of forms and clauses encompassing not only wills and trusts but all aspects of estate planning, with special attention to tax considerations and consequences. Anderson's Estate Planning Forms and Clauses contains an expanded selection of essential will and trust forms and clauses, including d..

      • 價格:2784.6HKD   
      LexisNexis Practice Guide: Washington Torts and Personal Injury LexisNexis實用指南系列:華盛頓州侵權及人身損害法
      • 作者: Jeffrey M. Odom
      • 出版日期:2014-00-00
      • 語言:英文
      • 簡介:The LexisNexis Practice Guide: Washington Torts and Personal Injury integrates how-to practice guidance, task-oriented checklists, downloadable forms and references to sources that provide in-depth explanations of subjects to make this complex area understandable to litigators. This concise treatise explains the ins and outs of Washington personal injury law from both a proced..

      • 價格:2129.4HKD   
      Butterworths Student Companion: Land Law, 5th edition (eBook) Butterworths學生手冊:土地法 第五版(電子書)
      • 作者: Jack Wass, LLB (Hons) (VUW), LLM (Cambridge)
      • 出版日期:2014-00-00
      • 語言:英文
      • 簡介:This is an invaluable, easy-to-read reference tool that is designed to be used in conjunction with lecture notes and existing text materials. With the inclusion of a number of new cases and updated summaries taking into account the Property Law Act 2007 passed since the last edition, this new edition is an invaluable study aid. Other titles in the Butterworths Student C..

      • 價格:296.4HKD   
      Immigration Law and Procedure: USCIS Policy Manual and Adjudicator's Field Manual 移民法和程序:USCIS政策手冊和審判員的野戰手冊
      • 作者:
      • 出版日期:2015-00-00
      • 語言:英文
      • 簡介:This ebook provides the user with convenient access to the USCIS Policy Manual (PM) and the USCIS Adjudicator's Field Manual (AFM). While USCIS is in the process of converting its guidance from the AFM to the PM, this publication will contain those portions of the AFM that USCIS indicates are superseded in an AFM archive. Available separately, but also included with Immigratio..

      • 價格:900.9HKD   
      J Visa Guidebook, 2014 Edition J簽證指南 2014版
      • 作者: Gregory H. Siskind, William Stock, Stephen Ya
      • 出版日期:2014-00-00
      • 語言:英文
      • 簡介:The J Visa Guidebook is your one-stop resource for dealing with questions related to the exchange visitor nonimmigrant visa program. Written entirely by esteemed attorneys in this area of immigration law, the J Visa Guidebook is a convenient, two-volume, softbound guide covering the regulations on aliens and advising program sponsors how to comply with these regulations. Insid..

      • 價格:3658.2HKD   
      Art of Advocacy Series: Cross Examination of Medical Experts 辯護的藝術系列:醫學專家的交叉盤問 全套
      • 作者: Marshall Houts
      • 出版日期:2012-01-01
      • 語言:英文
      • 簡介:Renowned medico-legal authority, the late Marshall Houts and others analyze the cross examinations of leading practitioners that illustrate: ? the impeachment of an expert witness ? proving a case through cross examination of an adverse medical witness ? refuting negative test results ? and many other issues First published in 1982. 1 volume; Looseleaf; updated with ..

      • 價格:HK$3367   
      Art of Advocacy Series: Preparation of the Case 辯護的藝術系列:案件準備
      • 作者: David B. Baum
      • 出版日期:2012-01-01
      • 語言:英文
      • 簡介:A planning guide that takes you from the moment the potential client steps into your office, through all aspects of case preparation, to the moment you step before the judge as an advocate. Covers in detail: ? Initial client interview ? Investigation of the case ? Gathering evidence ? Case organization ? Initiating lawsuits ? Preserving the attorney-client relatio..

      • 價格:HK$3913   
      Intellectual Property in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States 東歐與獨立國家聯合體的知識產權
      • 作者: Mira T. Sundara Rajan
      • 出版日期:2013-00-00
      • 語言:英文
      • 簡介:Intellectual Property in Eastern Europe & Commonwealth of Independent States by Mira T. Sundara Rajan. The latest release contains the following updates: International Intellectual Property Materials: ? Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances, adopted by the WIPO Diplomatic Conference on June 24, 2012 ? The Devil Is in the Footnotes: Moral Rights and the Beijing T..

      • 價格: 12,658 HKD   
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