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      • 作      者: Ian Macdonald QC and Ronan Toal
      • 出版時間: 2015-12-12
      • 語      言: 英文
      • 價      格: 4933.5HKD
      Since the publication of the first edition in 1983 Macdonald?s Immigration Law & Practice has established itself as the standard textbook in the field and is recognised by the legal profession as the most authoritative text on immigration law. Written with precision by leading immigration experts the work has been updated to offer all of the latest legislation, cases, political developments and commentary and guidance on every significant aspect of the law and practice of immigration. The ninth edition has been fully revised to contain all the latest SIs, and recent case law, including decisions from Strasbourg, the House of Lords and the Court of Appeal as well as the latest immigration appeals Procedure Rules, Practice Direction and CPR. This title will also be available as an eBook. See www.lexisnexis.co.uk/ebooks.