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      • 作      者: D'Arcy Hiltz & Anita Szigeti
      • 出版時間: 2015-07-31
      • 語      言: 英文
      • 價      格: 664HKD

      D'Arcy Hiltz & Anita Szigeti

      Anita Szigeti and D'Arcy Hiltz are partners in the Toronto law firm of Hiltz Szigeti LLP. The firm's practice focuses on mental health law litigation, including consent and capacity issues, guardianship and estate matters. The firm recently received a national award for outstanding legal advocacy in the area of mental health.

      Anita Szigeti was amicus curiae in the Starson case in the Supreme Court of Canada. She appears frequently in the Court of Appeal as amicus curiae to mentally disordered accused. She is also the Chair of the Mental Health Legal Committee and a former Chair of the Mental Health Law and Policy Advisory Committee to Legal Aid Ontario.

      D'Arcy Hiltz has been an advocate in the field of consent and capacity matters for over 20 years, acting as counsel to individuals with mental health issues, their families and physicians. He was Chair of the Ontario Psychiatric Review Board (Toronto East Region), the Senior Vice Chair of the Consent and Capacity Board for Ontario and the Regional Vice Chair of the Board for Toronto. He presided over thousands of hearings involving consent and capacity matters.